Thisables: Ikea helps people with disabilities through 3D printers

In almost every household you can find furniture from Ikea, for a reason. They are decent and affordable options. Yet they are not accessible to everyone. Consider, for example, people with disabilities.

Ikea Thisables

For example, some wardrobes do not have a door handle, and many lamps have very small knobs. That looks good, but it doesn't make using it any easier.

Ikea Israel decided to come up with a solution. For this, the giant called in Milbat and Access Isreal, two local nonprofits. Together they created ThisAbles, a series of 3D-printed accessories for existing Ikea furniture.

At the time of writing, 13 designs are available that everyone can print for free. Provided you have a 3D printer of course, although there are more and more locations that can print it for you.

3D-printed solution for people with disabilities

The 3D-printed accessories accessories can be attached to existing furniture and accessories from the Swedish giant. For example, a small button changes into a large button, or a sofa is raised slightly so that getting up is easier.

 Ikea Thisables Handicap

On YouTube, Ikea Isarel demonstrates for each 3D print how a simple change can make a big difference to people with disabilities.

This is just the beginning, because not all people with disabilities are helped with these designs. On the site you can submit suggestions for new solutions that Ikea Israel will consider. However, for that you will probably need Google Translate …

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Thisables: Ikea helps people with disabilities through 3D printers

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