Sleep in style under the Indian Ocean in this luxury underwater hotel

Anyone who has ever dived knows that you immediately imagine yourself in a whole different world when you disappear under the surface of the water. You seem to have ended up in a magical environment and many people do not get enough of it after a first introduction. Soon it will be possible to continue your magical experience, even while you are asleep. Conrad Hotels and Resorts comes in the Maldives with Maruka : a real underwater hotel.

Submerged among the fish

Maruka means “coral” in the Divehi, which is the language that she has Maledives speak. The idea is a bit like the tunnel in Seaworld, but then you have a gigantic bedroom, bathroom living room and even a second floor under a large dome. On the other side of the glass is the Indian Ocean.

After you have been in the water all day, you can continue the underwater experience during dinner and doze off to sleep. Even when the light is off, you’ll continue to enjoy the phosphorescent and bioluminescent life underwater.

 Maruka underwater hotel

Underwater hotel in November ready for guests

The hotel will be almost five meters below the water surface to “swim”. If you’re a fan of De Kleine Zeemeermin you should of course plan a trip to Maruka soon.

It is not a cheap trip. Such a suite with living room and second floor you can enter for an amount of over 40,000 euros. You just have to think about it, because the hotel only opens its doors in November.

If you want to enjoy the underwater life permanently, you can always go for a houseboat in Dubai . This is, of course, a luxury houseboat and it comes with “cellar”, where you can also whine to fish underwater.

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