Review: EZVIZ Husky Air – a comprehensive outdoor camera

The EZVIZ Husky Air is a security camera meant for outdoors and therefore has special features that you will not easily find in indoor cameras. For example, there are two large antennas on, so that the wifi connection can be properly maintained.

More and more you will find a security camera on the outside of houses. It can be recommended to increase security, but you can also use such a camera in a legal dispute between you and your neighbors. Whatever your reason for such a camera is: if you buy one and install one, which costs a bit of work, then you better get a good variant right away. For 129.99 euros you now get the EZVIZ Husky Air. The price is in any case below that of the Nest Cam Outdoor camera.

EZVIZ Husky Air – design, contents and specs

In the box of the EZVIZ is basically everything you need for the installation of the security camera. For example, the manufacturer even thought about supplying screws and plugs in the wall and that is very nice. This is how you can get started right away, without first having to screw away screws. There is also a start-up guide and of course a plug wire supplied, but also here, just like the EZVIZ Mini Pano we miss a micro-sd card. You do need to be able to save the images.

Where many outdoor cameras look the same (gray, rectangular and generally professional-looking), EZVIZ opts for a different route. The company did the same for the outdoor cameras in the past, so we are happy to see that this road is being taken again. Instead of hanging a block on your wall, you now hang up a spherical object and that looks just a bit nicer for the eye. There are two antennas, for good wifi, and the reset button and micro-SD card slot are behind a shielded cover.

The device also has a number of useful specifications. For example, there is an infrared filter and you can also see what happens at night (up to 30 meters away). The images are made with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels and are sent over the internet to a smart device. This can be done wirelessly and also wired; wireless only over a 2.4 GHz connection. That is unfortunate, since that frequency is quite full. Especially in a residential area, therefore it would have been nice if the 5 GHz connection would be available.

Furthermore, the EZVIZ Husky Air has a microphone and a small speaker, so you can go with someone on the other side of the camera. to communicate. There is also a flash light and a loud siren can go off if there is an intruder. The Husky Air is also resistant to water and dust, thanks to the IP66 certificate, and can have all kinds of temperatures. That goes from minus thirty to sixty and fortunately the Netherlands falls within that scale. A complete list of all important specs can be found on the website of EZVIZ (.pdf).

EZVIZ Husky Air – installation

The installation of an outdoor camera can generally for some hassle. You have to choose a good spot where someone can not just join in, while you also have to take into account the internet connection (with or without wire) and plug. Unfortunately, the EZVIZ Husky Air comes with a reasonably short power cord, so you will soon find an extension cord. Unless of course you have a wall socket outside, on the spot where you want to hang the camera. But that does not happen in many cases.

You will therefore, most probably, have to drill a hole in the wall to clean the wire neatly. That takes some time and effort, but that is inherent in placing such a camera (unless you know another creative solution). This is not a negative aspect of the EZVIZ Husky Air, but more a general point that you have to take into account when considering such a camera. Placing an indoor camera is much faster. In that respect, the installation of these two types of cameras can not be compared.

Fortunately, EZVIZ does deliver a strong construction under the camera. The foot and the hinge with which you place the camera, feel and eyes firmly on and you really do not get away easily – if someone still comes to the camera. The wire is relatively clean away through the hole in the camera’s base; you can also use that hole to prevent you from accidentally drilling a screw in the wire. In short: the manufacturer has thought of all sorts of things, except for the length of the power cable.

Before you consider where you want to hang the camera, you need an extra pair of hands to see what the best viewing angle is. So this is a task for two people: one holds the camera, while the other in the app watches the image. Before you can do this, however, you must register the camera within the application. You simply do that by following the steps in the supplied instruction booklet. You press ‘add camera’, scan the qr code on the base and you can start filming almost immediately.

Once the camera hangs and is set, you can still look at the corner. The ball with which you can click the corner feels a bit loose, so you may not be able to get the perfect angle you would like to have. Fortunately, it is not the case that the camera hangs down, because you can put it in a specific angle, but certain corners can not. That is why the camera is too heavy, is our idea. But it is also possible that we have often adjusted the angle; it is something to be reckoned with.

EZVIZ Husky Air – app

EZVIZ uses one app for its cameras. This app offers a lot of possibilities, but can, certainly in the beginning, feel a bit cluttered. You sometimes have to search well if you want to find something. And that may be due to the fact that you find all sorts of important institutions in three different places. However, if you have several cameras of the same manufacturer installed and in use, the layout seems logical. Because some things apply to all cameras.

However, if you only want to change the settings of the EZVIZ Husky Air, you can open the camera by selecting the camera in the first window of the app. In the top right corner you will find a gear icon and you can change it a few things. However, if you want to change things quickly, you can do so by tapping the buttons under the (live stream) screen. Putting the camera into sleep mode, however, does not go smoothly: for that you have to dive into the settings of the camera that you want to switch off temporarily.

In the settings menu of the used camera all options are clearly displayed, with here and there an extra explanation for functions that might not speak for themselves. What is IR light for example? What is meant by Audio? The app explains it with a few words, so you almost always know exactly what you are doing. If you want to go to your notifications, you have to go back to the overview of the camera and go back to the overview. There you will find the reports, videos and photos of the security camera.

EZVIZ Husky Air – in use

For outdoor cameras it is also difficult to take a certain area with you or not in the surveillance. It often happens that you get notifications of movements at the moment that there is simply nothing going on. However, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor, from zero to six. This will prevent a number of unnecessary notifications, but the question is whether you will not miss things that are important. So keep experimenting with that motion sensor, especially in the beginning.

Good to know: if you set a low number, the field of view of the camera is wide. The higher number indicates that you are dealing with a narrower area. If you still get too many notifications, because you live on a busy street for example, you can temporarily disable notifications (or of course put the camera in sleep mode), so you will not receive any notifications during that period. Furthermore, it is nice that you can turn the image of the camera later, if you have wrongly hung it …

What is also a very useful function is the use of the viewing mode with which you view camera images at the same time. So we have the EZVIZ Mini Pano also still stand (inside), so we can keep an eye on both inside and outside. By tapping the image of the camera within the app, you will see that image larger on your screen. Incidentally, you can always sound an alarm on the Husky Air. This happens automatically, but can also be done manually.

EZVIZ Husky Air – subscription and storage

In the Netherlands you do not yet have access to a cloud storage service from EZVIZ, but the communication department has assured us that we are still working hard work. So now you can not save files or look back in the cloud, but you can do that in the app. You do well to invest in a micro sd card (up to 128 GB), but that can still be a costly investment. There are camera products that are supplied with a micro-sd card, so this is a point where you as a consumer need to be extra alert.

The videos can not only be viewed on a smartphone or tablet, you can also view them on the computer or laptop. In addition, it is possible to view the images on the EZVIZ NVR X3 video recorder. Fortunately, it is not the case that there are no options, but it can be somewhat easier, for example, by delivering a micro SD card or offering cloud options. In the United States, the brand offers that option; however, we will have to wait until we get access to the same, paid service.

EZVIZ Mini Pano integration

In addition, the manufacturer in the United States also offers the Amazon Alexa integration and you can see the recorded images on the Amazon Echo Show. These are aspects that officially do not work in the Netherlands. What fortunately works is the integration with IFTTT. For example, you can have your Wemo switch on when the camera detects movement. Or activate the sleep mode automatically when you come home. Moreover, the camera can be used in combination with door and window sensors from the same manufacturer.

EZVIZ Mini Pano – conclusion

We still miss the option for the cloud storage service, but for the rest EZVIZ provides the EZVIZ Husky Air a fine outdoor camera. Whether or not you think such a cloud storage service is worth the money is unrelated to the fact that it is nice when manufacturers offer such possibilities. Especially when no micro SD card is included. That is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this device, since there are for the rest some small things that the good experience a little in the way can sit.

So the ball with which the camera in a different angle can be turned quickly become a lamb and we would like to see a longer plug is included. It would have been nice if we could have chosen to use the camera on a 5 GHz connection, because that 2.4 GHz connection can sometimes be busy – and that can sometimes bring the quality of the image down a bit. You can also spend some time on the installation process, but that’s what you do with outdoor cameras.

However, with an extensive application (which after a few times use is pretty logical), good image quality, a strong internet connection ( with us the connection has never been dropped), an excellent and safe design and a complete box contents, we can really say that the EZVIZ Husky Air is liked. You can immediately get started and monitor your house on the outside, without having to worry about anything. This camera is more than worth its retail price.

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  • No included SD card
  • Plug wire best short
  • No support for 5 GHz


  • Sharp images
  • Extended application
  • Accessible use

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