Researchers make Superman’s laser eyes more realistic

Superman gets his handy Heat Vision from our yellow sun and with this he can focus a lot of solar energy through his eyes on an enemy. Probably more people want such laser eyes and it seems as if scientists have already made a small start with this. At the University of St. Andrews they succeeded in making a laser of an ultrathin membrane layer, which you could safely use with a contact lens.

Contact lens with laser

If all goes well you would not even realize that something is on your eyes, since the membrane is very thin and flexible. In addition, it is also durable and would retain its optical properties, even after it has been stuck to another object for months.

This object could be a banknote for example to verify the authenticity of the note. can verify. What we naturally find more exciting are the Superman laser eyes.

Several more practical applications than laser eyes

With the membrane on you can unfortunately not melt metal, but there is a started. This way you could read a barcode or identify the sharp lines on a flat background. The special laser could be used in security, the branch of medicine that deals with the influence of light and biophotonics.

 Superman laser eyes

We are curious where we will get laser lenses in the future will see back. Probably we never get the laser eyes ourselves, but who knows that the army may ever get started with it. The Chinese police is at least already busy with smartglasses and would investigate suspects.

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