Plume with 'smart wifi' launches in the Netherlands via Tele2

Tele2 announces that Plume is being launched in the Netherlands. This is a mesh wifi service that costs users five euros per month. For that amount you get Adaptive WiFi, HomePass guest access and parental control options.

Plume comes to the Netherlands

Mesh-wifi service Plume is available Netherlands and is available via telecom provider Tele2. Membership is available to all Tele2 subscribers with an internet subscription and costs EUR 5 per month. The service package called Smart WiFi includes Adaptive WiFi, HomePass, parental control options, the app and three in-house pods. Adaptive WiFi is basically a mesh network of Wi-Fi pods that ensure that you have a stable Internet connection anywhere in the house, where such a pod is nearby.

With HomePass guest access, users can choose who with their Wi-Fi network, how long they can access and what they can do. Further personalization is possible through the extensive parental control options, which allows parents to determine exactly when and to what services their children have access. The Plume pods are plugged into a power outlet and can be set up within a few minutes via the app available on Android and iOS. For more information about home networks, check out our extensive archive .

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