This was not it: Samsung Galaxy Beam

The Samsung Galaxy Beam was the forerunner of the Samsung Galaxy S, only with a built-in projector.

Revolutionary innovations precede lengthy long examinations, test phases, and pretentious presentations. It is all the more painful if your invention turns out not to be so revolutionary at all. In the section ‘This was not’, we explain the most beautiful flops from the history of technology. This week the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Big player, big flop

The big player in smart phone land, Samsung, has not always brought top phones to the market. The Samsung Galaxy Beam was announced in 2012 as Samsung’s trump card at the Mobile World Congress. Despite the innovative thought behind the device, it did not stand a chance.

The marketing just as failed as the device

The Samsung Galaxy Beam was the forerunner of the Samsung Galaxy S, only with a built-in projector. Before the phone was presented in the US, he was released in Korea a few years earlier.

Someone at Samsung apparently thought that there was a demand for a phone with which you could project videos in low resolution onto a screen. This assumption is probably not preceded by extensive market research. Probably no market research preceded at all.

Samsung even made an advertisement in which someone makes a proposal using the projector telephone. That people would use the phone to project photos or videos is up to that point, but a proposal? Samsung, seriously.

Simply lump

The built-in projector could project around three hours of footage through the 2000 mAh large battery. But in the dark, on a smooth surface and up to 50 inches. The phone was heavy and not really a nice device with a thickness of 12.5 millimeters.

Nowadays you can of course connect your smartphone wirelessly to your TV. The arrival of the smart TV makes such a function unnecessary when you are at home. If you’re on the couch or in bed with your smartphone close to your face, you’re almost in the cinema anyway.

 Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is not afraid of an unconventional phone design. Soon they will release a folding telephone. Nostalgia is certain, but whether it will catch on? Who knows, maybe we’ll see him this year in market.

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