Nest encourages people to use a better password

Smarthomefabrikant Nest, known for thermostats and smart doorbells, advises users to use a stronger password. That is in a recently sent e-mail from the company. However, a reason for sending that message is not given.

Nest: “Use a stronger password”

Nest, a well-known smart home manufacturer that has released smart thermostats and cameras, advises users to use a stronger password. use. The head of this department within Google, Rishi Chandra, has indicated this in a recently sent e-mail. A reason for sending the message is not given. The only thing being raised is the fact that some users have recently experienced problems that may be resolved by better protecting an account.

Chandra writes that Nest was not broken in, so there is currently no security risk. However, the people who use the same password for several websites and services do run a risk when there is a break-in elsewhere and data is on the street. We would like to add that you always do well to immediately change the default password when installing a product or using a service. These default passwords can be found online online.

Recently, news came about that a number of Nest users suffered from people who had access to their security cameras. The reason that this was not widely reported is that there was no leak anywhere – this was probably because people had used the same or a standard password. Always use a strong, unique password, also consider two-step verification (even if it costs more work) and make sure that your router is always up-to-date.

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