Mesh WiFi system Devolo Magic with child protection

Smarthome manufacturer Devolo has released an update for Devolo Magic, the company's mesh wifi system . For example, a child lock has now been added and you can quickly set up a guest network for people who are visiting.

Download the update for Devolo Magic

Do you use the Devolo Magic mesh WiFi system at home? Then it is good to know that you can now download the Delos update. Update 5.2 can be downloaded manually, but can also activate automatically if you have activated Automatic update. The update includes child safety. Parents can set a maximum time for the internet use of their children, so that they stop when it is agreed. Wi-Fi access can also be permitted at specific times.

In addition, it is now easier to set up a guest network and share the login details of this network with friends who visit. This is possible with a personal password or by scanning a qr code. Also handy: thanks to the update, guest networks can be set up for a predetermined time and are automatically deactivated after this period. Delos is also available for the 550 WiFi, 550+ WiFi, Outdoor WiFi and 1200+ WiFi ac dLAN adapters. An auto-updater is available for these devices.

Despite the update for both product families, the dLAN and Devolo Magic adapters remain incompatible with each other.

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