Make your own cheese with the smart cheese maker from Fromaggio

We saw during the CES 2019 that smarthome is increasingly moving towards the kitchen. Smart ovens smart refrigerators and even a smart beer brewer were shown on the stock exchange. A new device may soon be added, because Fromaggio is working on a smart cheese maker.

Fromaggio started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. For 249 dollars you can register for the smart cheese maker. A bargain compared to the final price. The Fromaggio must then cost $ 565. It works like this: You throw in milk, starter and rennet and open the app. Here you can choose what kind of cheese you want to make. Within thirty minutes you have a cheese like mozzarella, but you can also have the machine work for two days for a harder cheese.

Free protein shakes as bonus

During the making of the cheese the whey protein is automatically separated, so if you want to exercise fanatically, you can use this by-product of cheese as protein shake to make your muscles recover faster.

The clever cheese maker himself looks like a coffee maker. Via the mobile app and bluetooth you can operate the Fromaggio. The device itself also has an LCD display, where you can play with the settings. Various accessories are included, so you can make the cheese you want. According to the company you can make dozens of different cheeses with the appliance. From cheddar to mozzarella and from ricotta to parmesan cheese. View the Fromaggio smart cheese maker on Kickstarter .

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