Luxaflex introduces rechargeable battery Powerview Motorisation

Luxaflex introduces the rechargeable battery li-ion pack as a new energy source for the smart control system Powerview Motorisation. With this system the window decoration is automatically and easily set to the desired position via the smartphone or tablet. Until now, you could only use AA batteries.

Battery for Luxaflex Powerview Motorisation

Luxaflex has announced a rechargeable battery for the Powerview Motorisation system, which allows the window decoration to be automatically and easily set to the desired position on any time of the day via the smartphone or tablet. This new rechargeable battery extends the useful life of the energy source to nine to twelve months for larger, heavier blinds. Until now, the system only operated on AA batteries, so the rechargeable battery makes the operating system more user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

The battery is fully charged from zero to one hundred percent within three to four hours, allowing more than five hundred charging cycles . This results in a payback period of less than three years. This rechargeable battery is available in the colors gray, black and white and with different mounting options for the various hardware systems. Another option is operation via the Pebble, a remote control that can set and control multiple window units at the touch of a button. Also, voice control has been added .

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