LG shows ice machine that works capsules that are provided with qr codes

During SXSW, LG shows an ice machine that works with special capsules. The capsule has qr codes that the device can read. It is not yet known whether this product will actually appear on the market and what it will cost by then.

LG ice machine works with special capsules

Smarthome is not only about apps and wifi, but means in the In a broader sense, also devices in the home that make life easier. This beer brewer for home is an example there and the ice machine that LG shows during the event SXSW as well. This machine works with special capsules to make ice cream. You need two capsules per treat. The first is responsible for the taste, while the second is responsible for the structure. The latter also determines whether you are going to eat a sorbet, normal ice cream or gelato .

Unfortunately, it is not known which ingredients are in the capsules, except pasteurized milk that you must shake well. We also do not yet know whether this product will actually be released and how expensive it will be. This LG ice machine is still in the prototype phase. It is also questionable whether people are actually waiting for a device with special capsules that work with qr codes (so that the device knows what's in it) – buying a bucket of ice cream in the supermarket is always easier.

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