iRobot officially brings Roomba i7 + to the Netherlands

iRobot announces Tuesday that the smart robot vacuum cleaner Roomba i7 + will be available in the Netherlands from February 15th. This vacuum cleaner not only learns the layout of your house, it also empties its own bin so that you do not have to.

This is the Roomba i7 +

iRobot has announced that the Roomba i7 + will be available in the Netherlands from 15 February is. The device learns your house well, because you can give names to a total of ten different rooms. With the help of Imprint Smart Mapping, the Roomba i7 + learns the layout, giving you complete control over which rooms are cleaned and when. The patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSlam technology helps Roomba navigate through the house effortlessly by remembering where it already has been.

The Roomba i7 + can be used with devices compatible with Google Assistant [19659006]. In addition, it is the only robot vacuum cleaner that can clean specific rooms based on voice control. Simply say: “Hey Google, clean the living room”, and Roomba i7 + knows which room to use. As soon as it is ready, the robot automatically returns to its station to recharge. It also automatically empties its dust container in combination with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal.

If the dust bag of the base station is full, you will receive a notification via the iRobot Home app. Then you simply remove the bag from the Clean Base and place a new one. The dust container can be emptied up to 30 times in the Clean Base, so you do not have to look at the robot vacuum cleaner for weeks. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner has a low design, so it can easily be cleaned under furniture and along cupboards. The robot vacuum cleaner also filters out 99 percent of pollen, mold, house dust mite and cat and dog allergens.

The iRobot robot vacuum cleaners are the only two rubber brushes for all surfaces. These brushes work together to clean carpet as well as hard floors. The Roomba i7 + robot automatically adjusts the height of the cleaning head so that the two brushes make direct contact with the floor. One brush releases the dirt and the other brush moves in the opposite direction to clean up the dirt. Regular bristles can sometimes leave dirt on the ground.

Price and availability

The Roomba i7 + cleaner with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal will be available from 15 February 2019 at selected sales points for a suggested retail price of 1,199 euros. In addition, the Roomba i7 is available without Clean Base from 899 euros. The Automatic Dirt Disposal is sold separately from 499 euros. New Dirt Disposal Bags are available per three pieces, from 19.99 euros.

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