Ikea postpones release of smart roller blinds later this year

Ikea has announced that the company has postponed the release of the smart roller blinds to a later moment of 2019. The company has found things that could be improved and first wants to work on a new firmware update.

Ikea roller blinds appear later

Ikea postpones the launch of the smart roller blinds. It is not known exactly when the product will appear on the market, but it must happen sometime this year. The blinds should have been launched in Europe last month, but that has not happened. In the meantime, the furniture maker is working on a brand new firmware update, as parts have been found that could be improved. This means that these curtains will also be really smart from the first moment after launch.

You can control Ikea's smart roller blinds with Trådfri-smarthome application, Amazon Alexa Apple's Siri and of course the Google Assistant . The roller blinds, the smallest model is called Kadrilj, will soon be available for a price from 99 euros. The more expensive models called Fyrtur also have eclipses and go from 119 euros over the counter. We now have to wait for the products to be launched; in France, the month of August is mentioned in any case.

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