Ikea introduces smart roller blinds: Kadrilj and Fyrtur

The Ikea is increasingly responding to the growing smart home market. In other words, smart and internet connected gadgets for the home. For example, the Swedish giant has already launched a line of smart lamps called Trådfi. Now two other smart products for the home are added: smart roller blinds. Meet Kadrilj and Fyrtur.

Ikea introduces smart roller blinds

In other words, names that you have already forgotten. Both roller blinds are delivered neatly with a remote control, but you can also grab your smartphone. The roller blinds can also be controlled from the Trådfi app.

Furthermore, the smart accessories are also directly compatible with Google Assistant, Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. The integration with HomeKit and Google Home is also complete. In other words, you can also close or open your blinds by voice commands or routines.

Fyrtur (left) and Kadrilj (right)

Meet Kadrilj and Fyrtur [19659003] There have been rumors about the introduction of smart roller blinds for some time. Now they are official, but what are the differences between the two? It is quite simple: the Kadrilj leaves some light through, while the Fyrtur completely obscures your room. You do not have to mess with power cables, because both smart roller blinds work on a battery.

The Kadrilj costs 119 euros, while the Fyrtur has a price tag of 149 euros. Please note that you will have to deposit more for other sizes and larger variants. Which variants will be available exactly is not yet clear.

This will change from February 2019 onwards. From then on, both roller blinds are at your local Ikea. It is also a question of whether the support for smart assistants and the like works immediately. That was not the case with the smart lamps and sockets.

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Ikea introduces smart roller blinds: Kadrilj and Fyrtur

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