Google Assistant with two handy options

Google has provided the Google Assistant with two handy options, so that the voice assistant can be used in even more situations. For example, do you already have a smart display at home? Then you can now control the volume per speaker.

Google provides Google Assistant with updates

Google has ensured that the Google Assistant now also offers support for smart window decoration. Technically, this support was already present in combination with specific brands, but now the line has been extended and all kinds of other window decorations and roller blinds are supported through a common api. Now you could just ask if Google could open and close the blinds without necessarily mentioning a manufacturer in that request.

The other update has to do with smart displays . Do you have several smart speakers at home that work with Google Cast? It can then be difficult to indicate how high the volume should be for each speaker or speaker group. Google has now ensured that you can adjust the volume per speaker (group) on the large touchscreen of the smart displays, such as the Lenovo Smart Display JBL Link and the [19659013] Google Home Hub . For the time being, the smart displays mentioned are not officially for sale in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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