Google Assistant can now also serve as an interpreter

Google has released an update for the Google Assistant, so you can now use the voice assistant as an interpreter. For the time being this function does not work on the Dutch-speaking version, but you can translate words and phrases into Dutch.

Google Assistant can translate texts

During CES 2019, Google has announced that the Google Assistant will be able to be an interpreter to act between people who speak two different languages. This concerns both smart speakers and smart displays . This function is now rolled out to a few versions of the voice assistant. If you want to use the function, you have to put your smart device in German, English, Italian, Japanese or Spanish, after which you can translate to 26 different languages, including the Dutch language.

You can select the option in any case on all Google speakers and displays, but some third-party devices may still refuse service. If you want to try it for yourself, you can give a command as “Be my French interpreter” or “Help me speak Spanish”. Then you get to hear a tune, after which you can say your sentence. The smart device will then repeat what you say in the chosen language. If you have such a smart screen, you will also have a picture of what you have said, including the translation.

When the Dutch version becomes available, it has not been published.

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