FWD Weekly update: Wireless cameras and a smartphone from Honor

Every week we put the best of the best that appeared in the FWD network last week for you in one overview. In this issue of the FWD Weekly Update, we are looking at wireless security cameras from D-Link and the best smartphone Honor has released to date

Review: Honor View 20

The Honor View 20 [19659005] is the first device with a camera hole on the screen in the Netherlands and fortunately the device has much more to offer. This is probably the best smartphone Honor has released to date. How exactly is it? Wesley tells you in the review of the Honor View 20 .

Review: Sonus faber Sonetto III

You can say what you want about Sonus faber, but the Italians know how to build a sumptuous, finely finished loudspeaker without any doubt. The new Sonetto III is, again, a beautiful tribute to the musical vision of the brand. Jamie went to work with the loudspeaker. Read it in the review of the Sonus faber Sonetto III .

Review: D-Link Wire-Free Camera Kit (DCS-2802KT-EU)

A security set with multiple cameras in the house or on the case is always a lot of hassle with cables and the drilling holes. Especially if you want to place cameras outdoors. D-Link has a solution for this with the D-Link Wire-Free Camera Kit (DCS-2802KT-EU). The set consists of a Wi-Fi hub and two wireless security cameras that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Tom tells you all about it in the review of the D-Link Wire-Free Camera Kit .

Background: Dirac Live 2

Dirac was already one of the best solutions for room correction. A thoroughly reworked version now makes the software more accessible to a larger audience. That's good, because at the same time more surround and stereo devices with Dirac appear on board. Arcam, NAD and Rotel, among others, recently embrace the new Dirac software. It is of course also usable with existing Dirac partners, such as miniDSP and Storm Audio. In this article Jamie looks at the new version of Dirac for home use, Dirac Live 2.x.

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