Five handy AliExpress solutions for a small home

If you have a small home, it is very important to be smart with the available space. Often not everything fits in your house that you would like and you have to combine some things. AliExpress is known for its many gadgets and other small (not always useful) items, but you will also find larger things such as furniture and in particular smart solutions for the home. We have put five in front of you.

Coffee table and desk

A coffee table is nice to have in the living room, but occasionally you may also need a desk . Often people prefer a coffee table rather than a desk if there is not enough room for both, but you can also go for a two-in-one solution. This is a DIY solution and you do not actually buy a table. Instead, you can score a mechanism at AliExpress to attach to the table top of your coffee table. This ensures that the leaf rises and turns your coffee table into a somewhat higher desk.

Price: 17.56 euro

Table or painting?

If you do not have standard space in the kitchen for a dining table, AliExpress also has a handy solution for this. They sell a folding dining table that you can put away on the wall. Folded it looks like a nice painting and when you have a dinner party, you can fold it out for the occasion and voilĂ . The table comes in different sizes, but we have to say that it is not one of the cheapest AliExpress deals.

 AliExpress painting table

Price: from 123.68 euro

From side table to dining table with chairs [19659003] Another solution to the “dining table problem” is this side table which can be transformed into a larger table including chairs. With this solution you do need some space to put down a side table as standard. If you then need something bigger, you can fold the sides out and you will also find several chairs that were hidden in the thing.

 AliEee side table dining table

Price: from 339.33

Sneaky trolley

However small your house is, often there are still little corners left where you can not do anything with and usually stuff like shopping bags. You can even use these small spaces if you have the right stuff for that. For example, you can use this slender trolley to fill empty spaces and in this way you also have an extra place to store your belongings neatly. You can even pimp the thing so that it seems to be completely in your design.

 AliExpress trolley

Price: from 10.11 euro

Magic pendant

Finally we have a nice bargain for you if you have too much clothing and simply do not have enough space to store it. Your wardrobe is only so big, but with this “magic” pendant suddenly seems to fit a lot more. You can attach five hangers and then hang everything vertically. This way you can hang five pieces of clothing on the spot that takes up one hanger.

 AliExpress hanger

Price: 1.06 euro

Except useful stuff you can find on AliExpress also all kinds of fake products. Do they work just as well as “the real deal”? We went to work for you with fake Apple products .

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Five handy AliExpress solutions for a small home

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