Five cheap and smart Ikea hacks of the week # 20

In a week and a half, it's time for the creepiest party of the year: Halloween. Time to get your scary decorations from the attic and to think about how to turn your house into a scary paradise. If you still need inspiration, we have collected a few nice Ikea hacks for you. Let the creepiness begin.

Lamp with skulls

First with this Ikea hack makes a creepy scary standing lamp. For this you transform your brave NOT lamp into a scary showpiece full of skulls. If you place this in your garden everyone knows that they can go there and not further. In the house he creates a “cozy” atmosphere and also some light.

Lantern full of spiders

Spiders are of those animals that everyone finds almost scary and are therefore perfect for Halloween. With the next hack you change every space in a creepy place with different types of spiders. Luckily they do not walk around freely, but are put on display in a BORRBY lantern . Insert (LED) candle in and voila.

 Ikea hack halloween lantern

Pumpkin someone?

Pumpkins also belong to the scary party and they can make you as scary as you want it. Because you can not store real pumpkins without strange odors, you use this to work with a FADO table lamp . Paint a face on it and the lamp will be transformed into a pumpkin that never fades.

 Ikea hack halloween pumpkin

Ghostly lamp

With the next hack you get to work with a REGOLIT hanging lampshade and that changes into a scary ghost in no time. With this hack you make a Boo ghost from Mario Bros, but you can also make it a bit scarier. If you want more pumpkins, you can of course make orange and draw a face on it .

 Ikea hack King Boo

Time for creepiness [19659003] Finally we have a creepy clock for you in the offer. There will be spiders again and this time they hang freely in their web. With this hack the scary creatures find a house in a Ikea clock of your choice. Maybe you even have one hanging, that can be used as a gag during Halloween.

 Ikea hack halloween clock

If you do not find it enough, you can also [AliExpress] . These are the six best decorations and gadgets for Halloween on the site.

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Five cheap and smart Ikea hacks of the week # 20

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