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The five best (Bluetooth) headphones on AliExpress

Are you looking for a new pair of headphones? Maybe a copy with Bluetooth, or just wired? We help you a hand by listing the best headphones from AliExpress. There you can get high quality for low prices, provided you know which brands are reliable.

The best headphones on AliExpress

AliExpress is full of delicious gadgets that you will never encounter in Dutch stores. We will guide you through the online Walhalla by listing five nice bargains every week. Not yet known with AliExpress? In this WANT Guide we explain how AliExpress works. Or check which stuff you absolutely should not buy on AliExpress.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Xiaomi is known for its excellent products. The Chinese brand offers quality for a low price. This is especially true for his earplugs, which we also use every day. But did you know that Xiaomi also makes headphones? Meet the Xiaomi Mi Headphones. These headphones are praised by critics, but remain relatively inexpensive. You get a microphone, buttons and a wire of no less than 1.4 meters long. The gadget has a frequency range of 20 to 20000 kHz. 36.45 euro

Bluedio T3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Are you looking for a more pronounced design? Check out the latest Bluedio model, a fairly unknown Chinese audio brand. Where you normally associate that with lousy quality, Bluedio knows how to deliver good audio products time after time. The Bluedio T3 puts the focus on 3D audio, where you really hear the sound around you. What attracts most people is the fact that it is a wireless copy. With Bluetooth you can connect the Bluedio T3 to your smartphone, tablet, computer or game console. Moreover, there is an SD card slot, so you can listen to music even without a device. 32.16 euro


We know Meizu from the excellent machines. Few know, however, that the company also make decent headphones and earplugs. We are especially fan of the Meizu HD50, a high-end model. That is also the price, although it is still very cheap compared with comparable models that you encounter in the Netherlands. The entire housing has a leather texture for a premium feel, and the whole can be folded up quite compactly, in three phases. Meizu claims that 99.99 percent of your ambient noise is actively isolated thanks to innovative technology. We think that is very strong, but who knows, this is a real gem. With the audio quality it is in any case completely good. 51.83 euro

Meizu HD50


AEC BQ-618 Bluetooth V4.1 + EDR

Meet a brand unknown to many: AEC. Among fervent AliExpress shoppers, this audio brand is known for its solid equipment. We are especially fans of these headphones, which offers a total package at a nice price point. Not everyone is a fan of the design, but the specifications speak for themselves. You get wireless headphones with advanced isolation of ambient sounds. The gadget has a battery life of twenty hours, even with heavy use. Is the battery empty? Then you can simply use the AEC BQ-618 V4.1 + EDR wirelessly. Oh yes, users are also enthusiastic about the microphone. 12.82 euro

 Bluetooth headphones AliExpress

ROCK Bluetooth HB10

We finish with our favorite: the ROCK Bluetooth HB10. This trendy model is available in three different colors. Bluetooth 4.0 is your best friend, and ensures that the sound quality is higher than with many other cheap headphones. The built-in CSR chip delivers clear sound even when you are calling. The speaker components are also of slightly higher quality than you would expect, which makes the ROCK Bluetooth HB10 slightly more interesting. Also a nice bonus: the whole can be compactly folded. 34.20 euro

 Rock Bluetooth HB10


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