Dyson presents the Dyson Lightcycle task light, for sale from April 1st

Dyson has announced a special lamp, with intelligent and local daylight monitoring, called the Dyson Lightcycle task light. The device can present the precise amount of light needed at that time of the day.

This is the Dyson Lightcycle task light

Dyson has developed a light that provides the right type of light for the time of day. The Lightcycle continuously adjusts the color temperature and brightness to daylight and automatically provides the right light for the right time of the day, depending on the time of year and location. This data is sent every 60 seconds from your smartphone to the lamp, which has three warm and three cool LED lights. These lamps work together to simulate daylight color temperatures (between 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin).

The Dyson Lightcycle provides powerful light with more than 1,000 lux brightness, combined with glare control and low optical flicker (less than one percent). Lux is a unit of illumination. This clarity is higher than the recommended level to study, for example. In order not to cause multiple shadows, a heptagonal reflector has been divided into different planes. This distributes the light evenly so that a single light source is created with only one shadow.

The quality of an LED lamp can immediately decrease from the moment you turn it on. That is because of the heat. Lamps that are not kept cool can quickly replace and discolor. The Dyson Lightcycle has heat-cycle technology on the inside: a drop of water evaporates inside, the heat being drained along the pipe as it condenses before it returns to the LEDs by capillary action (a natural phenomenon where water rises, against the action of gravity

Operation via the Dyson application

The Dyson app makes it possible to set the lamp. You can also enter your age here, which can have an effect on light quality. For example, a 65-year-old needs four times more light than a 20-year-old. The app has various functions for different activities: study, relax, precision, boost, wake-up, sleep and absent. It also has manual control with slide-touch to dim the light and select color and temperature from the personal lighting preferences.

It is possible to program and assign names for up to twenty different light settings, depending on your task or mood. The Dyson Lightcycle is available in the Benelux from 1 April. There is a desk and floor variant in the colors black or silver for a price of 499 euros and 699 euros.

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