DoorBird and PEAKnx will make your front door smarter

The companies Bird Home Automation, known for the smart intercom DoorBird, and PEAKnx, known for the KNX touch panels, have announced a collaboration. With this, DoorBird's smart intercoms are integrated into the PEAKnx system, which gives users more flexibility for the smart house.

According to Bird Home Automation, DoorBird is more than an intercom system. It combines a standard video intercom with smart home, because you can also answer via your smartphone. Through the app you can see who is at the front door and you can talk to your visitors. You can also open the door from your smartphone. Even when you are not at home. Is there a parcel delivery person at the door? You can quickly open the door to let the delivery person drop the package in.

PEAKnx makes control panels for KNX

PEAKnx makes touch panels for KNX. This is the worldwide standard for home and building automation. So if you want more than just smart lighting, a smart thermostat or smart switches, but you really want a completely smart building with automation solutions, then this open standard will usually do you good. There are more than 370 manufacturers worldwide that support this standard. PEAKnx makes control panels with a touchscreen that allows you to control the smart home or building.

DoorBird can be integrated into YOUVI, the visualization software of the PEAKnx panels, which gives users even more flexibility on the front door. ]

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