Creston TSR-310 remote control supports Apple Homekit

Creston announces during ISE that the Creston TSR-310 remote control now supports Apple Homekit. The manufacturer promises that the potential of the Apple TV, Siri and of course Homekit can be optimally utilized.

Creston TSR-310 supports Apple Homekit

Creston, a major manufacturer of various smart home products, announces during the ISE exhibition that the Creston TSR-310 remote control now offers support for Apple Homekit . The new seamless integration provides Crestron users with an important benefit: Apple TV media players can now be operated via IP, with voice control via the TSR-310 remote control with touchscreen and support within the Crestron Home operating system and SIMPL.

In our overview of software for your smarthome in which we look at various smart home systems, Creston is well off the bus. The system has many advantages and actually has only one major disadvantage: it can cost a lot. For that price tag you get a platform that takes its tasks very seriously, making it possible to bring together thousands of different solutions that are now available. Meanwhile, according to our colleagues from a system that is unprecedented.

New DM NVX network AV solution

The manufacturer also has a new DM NVX network- AV solution presented, of course with brand new processor technology. In collaboration with partners such as Intel and intoPIX, Crestron was able to improve image quality – so much better that the difference between DM NVX video and a direct video feed should not be seen. Just like the previous generation of DM NVX, there is no latency and more video formats are supported than by any other manufacturer.

The new DM-NVX-E30 and DM-NVX-D30 can only be encoded or decoded and support hdmi connectivity and analog audio. In addition, all current DM NVX products can benefit from the new processing techniques with a single free firmware update. The new NVX is next to a diffuser of the 4k resolution in sixty frames per second and 4: 4: 4 and hdr video also a driver of audio, control and usb 2.0 by one encode and decoder, so the system costs are significantly reduced

DM NVX uses 802.1x authentication, AES encryption and Active Directory technology to deliver business-class security for the product. And with the DM NVX Director network tool you can configure and deploy a thousand endpoints for the DM NVX in the time it takes to configure one AV device in the conventional way. A price and release date has not been published.

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