August announces wireless doorbell August View

Smarthomeproductenfabrikant August presented a new product Tuesday, the wireless doorbell August View. Unlike the previous smart doorbells of the brand, this model looks like a traditional doorbell.

This is the August View

August has unveiled the August View. This is a wireless smart doorbell that looks like a traditional doorbell (unlike the other doorbells of the same brand). In the rectangular device there is a camera at the top, while the button for the ringing is on the bottom. Moreover, the wireless aspect is a big advantage, since you no longer have any hassle with wires. Now you place the doorbell next door after you put batteries in and you can use it. That is ultimately cheaper for everyone.

But such a battery-driven doorbell can also have its drawbacks. The rechargeable battery in this model lasts for three to six months depending on usage. Fortunately, you get multiple warnings on your phone before the battery is actually empty. Furthermore, it is mandatory for future owners to install a chime (such a chime you use to hear the doorbell in places where you normally would not hear him). Fortunately, that gong is immediately included in the box of the August View.

Furthermore, consumers can choose different styles. The older August doorbells are available in two colors (silver and black), while the August View supports faceplates. This way you can exchange black for bronze, brass and nickel or other colors such as white and red. For example, the doorbell must be able to give a personal touch on top of the functionality. Since doorbells hang outside and people also pay attention to everything that surrounds the house, this can become important for many users.

There is also a special infrared lamp under the camera lens that can show objects and people better in the evening when little light. Users can always request a live feed within the app and watch a five-second video when motion is registered, but only within 24 hours. If you want to look back for longer, you have to purchase a separate subscription. In the United States, such a subscription costs $ 4.99 per month; the European price for this has not yet been announced.

In addition, the doorbell, also in the US, from 28 but will be for sale for $ 230. When the August View comes to Europe and what the device will cost here, it has not yet been announced by the manufacturer.

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