Apple hides futuristic ideas in patent for Apple Homepod

Apple has captured ideas for a possible future version of the smart speaker Apple Homepod. For example, there may be a special emoji version of Siri and LED lights may show different types of information.

Future ideas for Apple Homepod

In 2017, Apple has several ideas for a possible future version of the Apple Homepod registered in a patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Although the Homepod is not mentioned by name, it can be concluded from the description of the product in question that it is the smart speaker from Apple. One of the ideas is to place a series of LED lamps in the fabric of the speaker, so that different types of information can be displayed, such as the weather or sports results.

In addition, these lights could also be used for displaying of e-mail subjects and a visual representation, based on emoji, of voice assistant Siri. The lights could also react to the movement of your hand when you move it in front of the speaker. Siri could further show other emoji based on context. This would allow the assistant to pick up when you feel sad, based on your voice, and show a sad emoji – or just try to cheer them up.

In addition, Apple would try to find out what the tone of incoming sound is. emails so that they can be read aloud with a happy, angry or sad face. In addition, a sender could also indicate in which tone that message should be read. Furthermore, Apple Homepod would support Face ID so that it knows who is in front of it. Based on that, the speaker could switch profiles and make music suggestions. In the future this could be further developed.

Because it is a patent here, it is not certain to say whether these ideas actually ever come to the Apple Homepod. Apple has not even published anything about this.

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