11 high-tech sneakers with built-in gadgets

The world of sneakers is one that hangs from insane trends. For example, ugly sneakers (also called dad sneakers) are a thing in 2018. Not the only trend of this moment. This week we focus on high-tech sneakers with cool gadgets.

High-tech sneakers with gadgets

We all know Reebok Pump from the past. Or Puma Disc, where you did not have to bully, but only needed to turn a disc. And of course the good old Kangaroos, with a zipper pocket, so you could bring a euro to the pool for a bag of candy. All super cool gadgets for that time, but in 2018 we expect more. A screen and wifi for example. A 3D-printed shoe sole. Sneakers that are in contact with our smartphone.

We made a selection with the coolest sneakers with gadgets of the moment. The one more high-tech than the other. And from affordable to unaffordable. Our favorite: the sneakers with which you can order pizza.

Smart shoes from Under Armor

Under Armor launched in 2018 a new line of smart shoes for both men and women: HOVR Connected. What can you do with it? Connect with your smartphone, so that you are provided with all kinds of data. They cost slightly more than 100 euros, very affordable.

Vetements x Reebok InstaPump Fury Emoji

Okay, okay, an old-fashioned gadget. But in a modern emoji jacket. These sneakers from Vetements and Reebok cost around 700 euros. And by.

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First Class Shoes (with screen and wifi)

Only a pair of this pair of foeilelijke sneakers is made, sold via an online auction for almost 100,000 euros. The lucky buyer can now watch Netflix all day. The proceeds went to charity.

 First class shoe, high-tech, sneakers, gadgets, 2018

6 minute shoes from KEEN

These shoes by KEEN are a gadget in itself. They are made by a robot. You can buy them in Tokyo, where they are made for you on the spot. In this video you can see how they are made.

 6 minute shoes, keen, robot, high-tech, sneakers, gadgets


When we look at the high-tech sneakers from ShiftWear in one word, we only need to remove the ‘f’ from the brand name. Yet they are cool, because the shoes have a LED screen that you can constantly change with your smartphone.

 shiftwear, high-tech, sneakers, gadgets, 2018

LA Gear Lights (2018)

If you for sneakers with lights goes in the sole, and pair LA Gear if it is ours is the only option. They made the light sole in the 90s large. And believe it or not, they are back again. This year this Tyga x L.A. Lights which you buy for just over 100 euros. Delicious piece of vintage high-tech.

 tyga, la gear, high-tech sneakers, gadgets, 2018

Adidas 3D runner

Adidas intends to produce 3D-printed shoes on a large scale. And if we take a look at the Adidas 3D Runner, we can only applaud it.

 adidas, 3d runner, high-tech, sneakers, gadgets, 2018

Nike MAG Sneaker (McFly)

Unfortunately: the coolest sneakers never appear to be on the market for the normal consumer. It concerns the self-skinning shoes of Marty McFly from the legendary 80s film Back To The Future . In 2011 the following concept sneakers were made and in 2016 they were released in a limited edition of 89. Not to pay, of course.

Nike HyperAdapts 1.0s

With this flabby infusion of the above shoe we have to do it. The Nike HyperAdapts 1.0s are inspired by the Marty McFly sneakers and are therefore able to bold themselves. Granted: the LED soles that indicate how full the batteries are, deserve an applause. They cost around € 700.

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Puma Autodisc

We have already mentioned Puma Disc. Now evolved into Puma Autodisc. Even with these shoes is grease past time.

 puma car disc, high-tech, sneakers, gadgets, 2018

Pizza Hut Sneakers

Forget all gadgets and other frills, here are the Pizza Hut Sneakers. You can order pizzas and put your television on a break. Have!

 pizza hut, sneakers, high-tech, gadgets, 2018


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